Amigurumi Moomintroll – FREE PATTERN woo yeah, free!

17th March 2013 – I have improved and simplified this pattern, please use the download link to get the latest version (v3).

Here you can see photos from this pattern and also the original pattern.

Being half Finnish, my ancestry demands that I adore sauna, sausages, vodka, silver birch trees, driving, herring (I don’t), Santa Claus (who doesn’t?) and the biologically unfathomable Moomins. I’m a big fan of Tove Jansson’s stories and illustrations, so this is my tribute to her.

If you have downloaded this pattern before, please download it again as I have significantly improved and simplified it. The original pattern was my very first attempt at writing a pattern and it did have a few errors in it – oops, you learn. And, it’s still free – my favourite price. Feel free to share or link to this pattern, but please don’t alter it or remove any credits.

I would LOVE to see your finished Moomins. I’ve already seen quite a few and they’re pretty amazing.

These photos are from the current pattern:

These photos are from the original pattern:

Revised pattern uploaded 17/03/13

With kind thanks to the talented Claire, the free Moomin crochet pattern has been translated into French and is available to download on her blog.

About samigurumi

My crochet blog is a place where I can keep tabs on my projects and show the things I've made to people who actually are interested, so that I'm not tempted to whip out my phone and bore my friends silly with pictures of half-finished hats which is only half-finished because I've run out of the special organic DK yarn in shade blah blah and lot number yawn. I'll also be sharing some of my patterns for free. Ah, free, my favourite of all the prices.

57 responses to “Amigurumi Moomintroll – FREE PATTERN woo yeah, free!

  1. Jenny

    Hi, I love the Moomin and would love to make it for my son. I downloaded and printed the pattern yeasterday, and in the car on the way to my x-mas celebration I hooked on. But the description for the second row is missiing, and I am not a good enough crocheter to figure out how the second row is built up. Can you please give me the descrition?

    Thanks and happy holidays!

    • Hi Jenny, I’m really sorry about that – so frustrating! R2 is: CH1, SCx7, 2SCx3, SCx8, 2SCx3 (28). So you’re basically SCing along the straight edges and putting the 2SCs in the stitches on the ends so you get a long rectangle with rounded ends. Thanks for flagging that up. Happy Christmas, Sam

  2. I love your Moomin! Will you be putting the pattern back up soon? I’d love to have a go, but I’m not clever enough to come up with my own pattern! Thanks, Michaela

  3. Deirdre

    Hi Sam
    I love your Moomin are your instructions in UK crochet terms? I was also wondering how the tail was made is it plaited?

    • Hi Deidre, I’m glad you like the Moomin. The pattern is written in US terms (I’m from the UK but learned from patterns written in US terms) and yes, the tail is plaited with 3 strands. If you have any problems don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to help! – Sam

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  5. Jeanne

    Hi: I love the cute little moomin. I tried to download the updated pattern but I keep getting a message that says bad enkrypted dictionary. grrrr Jeanne

  6. tamai

    Hello – I love the way your Moomin looks – I’ve been trying your pattern and I just can’t seem to get the head – do you have any tips for me. Thanks so much for putting up the pattern!

  7. Gerardine

    Love this pattern. Thank you so much for sharing it. I love the Moomins!

    I still have my crochet training wheels on and can’t manage too keep the number of stitches right (getting too many) with the chain at the beginning of each round. I know I am doing something wrong… Hope you can help!

    Also for UK folk, sc is dc, dc is tc etc… 1/2 dc is 1/2 treble.

  8. Gerardine

    Sorry Sam, got it! I was getting the ss wrong! All going great now 🙂

    • Hi Gerardine,
      Glad it’s going ok for you now! If you have any issues, please just give me a shout.
      I’d love to see your finished moomin if you wouldn’t mind sharing a photo.
      Sam x

      • Gerardine

        I finished him. Had issues because I’m used to a different easy of crocheting in rounds, so will make another one… Will send a photo separately as I can’t upload one here. But feel free to share once you have it!

  9. Your moomin is great! I’ve designed a crochet pattern for a moomin too, and it’s the first time I see another one. Here in the Netherlands, the series is on television, but it’s probably not as popular as in your country.

    You can find my pattern on my blog, but it is in Dutch.

  10. Marie Sever

    Sam, I am crocheting Moomin for my daughter [24 and still loves fun things]. I thought I was a very experienced crocheter, however I’ve come to the ears, and rows 3 and 4 mention ‘BLO and FLO’. What does this mean please?

    PS we think you are so creative and generous, thanks!!


    • Hi Marie, I’m glad you like the pattern – I’d love to see your Moomin when it is finished if you could post a photo?

      FLO = front loops only – insert your hook only into the loops that are closest to you.

      BLO = back loops only – insert your hook only into the loops furthest away from you.

      Sam x

  11. Thanks so much for sharring your pattern. I remember when I was a child I used to wathc the mummins so this is a good look at the past. 🙂

  12. ninevoltheart

    Hi! I’m trying to make this pattern but I’m having some trouble- is the head supposed to be a little bit lopsided? One side of the nose seems a bit bigger than the other and I can’t tell from your photos whether or not it’s supposed to be that way. 🙂 I guess it’s possible that I’m doing something wrong but I’m not sure what that would be, and I want to be sure before I pull it all out and start over! Thanks!

    • ninevoltheart

      Actually, I just realized I must have been doing it wrong. I commented once I finished with R5, where it said I should have 34 stitches, and I counted and ended up with 39… once I do my ss in the first stitch and then the ch from the rows that require it, do I start the next sc in the same stitch as the ss or in the next? I’m not sure why I’m having trouble with this so any advice would be helpful! Thanks!

      • Hi ninevoltheart,
        You should do your first sc of the round into the same one as the ss. I think you might be putting an extra sc at the end of the round, just before the ss. This is a common mistake, as it looks like there’s room for a sc when there isn’t. I’ve found this video to be very helpful:
        Sam x

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  14. ninevoltheart

    Thanks, your comment and that video really helped! I made my Moomin for a friend who is going through a hard time – I think she will love it 🙂 Instead of embroidering the eyes (I suck at embroidery!), I used felt and asked my mom to embroider some eyebrows for me. 🙂 Here is a picture if you’re interested- Thanks for the wonderful free pattern!

  15. Hi, thanks a lot for this pattern. I’ve finished the head and just startet the body. I’ve got a problem with round 6, if I decrease every 6th sc, there will be 49, not 45. I hope you can help me. Thanks for your help 😉

    • Hi Christina,
      Do you have 42 stitches in round 5 of the body?
      In round 6 you should increase (not decrease) in every 7th stitch, so: 6 sc then 2 sc in the 7th; 6 sc then 2 sc in the 14th; 6 sc then 2 sc in the 21st… and so on.
      I hope this helps!

  16. Sergio

    First of all Thank you for sharing this pattern… I just LOVE IT!! I’m spanish and my boyfriend is from Finland… I think it is the perfect present for him!! So I decided to start crocheting the mooming…

    I’m still doing the head, but I was wandering if I have the right pattern. When I finish round 19 then there are some stiches left from R18, so when I ss to the first st, the remaining stitches form like a hole…

    the version of the pattern I’m using is Revision 1.1 Jan2012… Is there another pattern revised? Could you please send it to me again? I’d be very grateful!! Thank you for everything!!

    • Hi – thanks for your comments, I hope your boyfriend appreciates your gift!
      You have the latest version of the pattern, so that’s good.
      Can you tell me how many stitches you have in R18?
      ~ Sam

      • Hi Sam! Thanks for your answer… Sorry I meant R19 but I’m afraid that I’ll have to start again in that case, because it is not only happened in R19 but also a few rows before (as you can see in the photos).

        You ask how many stitches do I have in R18… I have 26 in R19 and, but at the end there are 5 or 6 left from R18… and it happened before but I thought it was normal…

        The thing is that I still feel like if a couple of “sc 2 tog” where missing on those rows… but if you say that the pattern is ok then I supose it’s my fault XD…

        Thank you for everything, and please, if you see something wrong in my work please tell me, I’m a beginner!!

      • Gerardine

        Hi Sam
        I had similar problems to Sergio. Ended up making adjustments as I went along so it looked right. I also remember shifting where the treble stitches were as they were moving around the work and not lining up…
        You’ve seen the photo of my Moomintroll so you know I managed to finish it, even if it wasn’t as intended!

      • Hi Sergio & Gerardine,
        Thanks both for your feedback – I think it’d be best that I revisit the pattern and make some improvements.

      • Sergio

        Thank you Sam, I apreciate it very much… in that case I’ll wait for your revision while I crochet the body and other parts… Would you post it to me…please???

      • Gerardine

        Thanks Sam! Can you add a comment when you’ve been able to do this? I’ll get an email alert then! I alike my little moomin!

      • Hi Gerardine & Sergio,
        I’ve updated and uploaded the pattern (the pdf file should end in v2.pdf and it says ‘Revision 2, Sep 2012)
        I’ve simplified the head completely, so I’m afraid you’ll need to start again from R2 (sorry!)
        There’s no more skipping stitches, so hopefully this should fix the hole problems you were having.
        Remember at the start of each round to do your sc or dc into the first stitch of the previous round (the one you just ss’d into) The ch1 or ch2 at the start of each round does not count as a stitch.
        Good luck!

      • Sergio

        Hi Sam!! Thank you very much for the new version!! I’ve been making the body, just finished so I’ll continue with the head!! Hope I’ll be able to post it to Finland before his birthday on the 25th september… I´ll show you a photo with the moonin finnished!!

        Thank you again for everything!!

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  18. Gerardine

    Thanks Sam! I’ve got another project under way at the moment, so my next Moomin will have to wait a bit – looking forward to making another one as soon as I can! 🙂

  19. Lydia

    Thanks for this pattern.

    Just a quick question. I’m working on the body and having an issue with the number of stitches. On round 3 I only have 26 stitches (I noticed as round 4 only seemed to work out at 34 stitches).

    Should I add in an extra sc at the end of round 3 (making it 2 sc in last st.)? Or just continue with fewer stitches on each subsequent round?


    • Hi Lydia, sorry I’m so late to reply… which hopefully means your problem might have been solved by now. Do you have the latest version of the pattern (the one currently available for download)? I have made some adjustments, as this was my first attempt at writing a pattern and a few mistakes needed ironing out. I am also in the process of further revising the pattern to make it much simpler. In any case, I would recommend adding in the extra sc at the end of r3.

  20. I love this pattern! I couldn’t help but make a happy couple:

  21. Joonas

    Hi Sam! Thank you so much for the pattern. I’m from Finland and love Moomins. I just started to crochet so this is my first real crochet project. I was having trouble with the ss and ch1 at first, but your comments and the Youtube clip really helped. I think I got it now.

    I’ve only got as far as R5 of the head at this point. I’m just wondering if there’s a mistake there. On R5 I’m supposed to do 2sc x 2 twice which would add 4 stitches, right? Still R4 has 29 stitches and R5 is supposed to have 32, which means I should only add 3 stitches. I figured I’ll just leave one increase out on R5.

  22. Ingiburger

    The Moomin tröll looks great~! I was thinking of making it for my friend as a birthday gift! She just turned 20 and she’s crazy about the Moomins :3 But can you tell me how big the moomin is?

  23. Terka

    Hi Sam,
    I love your Moomin, it’s great. The pattern of head is absolutely perfect. It looks very nice and it could be used to lots of another animals!
    I was doing toy for the first time and I have one recommendation for someone who is begginer as me – I marked beggining of each row by wool with different color – it helped me, when I was counting my stitches or when I made a mistake (I could add or take off some stitches in the end of the row). And I also knew where to continue with a new row.
    I had doubts regarding part “Body” – row 20 or 22 (it depends, because you have row one and two twice).
    R20. ch1, *sc x 7, sc 3 tog* around. (40) – it is irregular. Is it your intention? I changed it in this way:
    R20. ch1, *sc x 7, sc 2 tog* around. (40) and it made it easier for me. Please let me know what’s right.
    I also made different ears because I didn´t know how to finish yours.
    I could send you picture of my Moomin if you let me know your e-mail.


    • Hi Terka,
      Thanks for your feedback and I’m glad you like it and managed to finish your Moomin even though my pattern isn’t perfect! (it was my first attempt at writing a pattern, so I’ll forgive myself this time!) I’m in the middle of writing a new, simpler pattern, though like most crocheters I’ve got lots of projects on the go and never seem to finish any!

  24. Gemma

    Is it me or the pattern?

    I am up to R5 of the body – I have 42 stitches.

    By completing R6, I end up with 48 stitches, but the pattern says 45 stitches. Is that right?

    • Hi Gemma, it’s probably the pattern! This was my first attempt at writing a pattern, so frustratingly there are a few errors to iron out. I’m currently revising the pattern and will have a new one up when it’s finished. If you can dec 3 times in R6 to end with 45 stitches, that should set you on corse for the next round.

    • Hi Gemma,
      If you’re still stuck on the body, I have now uploaded a revised pattern that is much simpler and *fingers crossed* error-free.

  25. Gerardine

    Hi Sam

    The link to download the pattern isn’t working – have tried a few times.


  26. Corinne

    I stumbled upon this pattern looking for ideas to make a small toy for my sisters newborn. We grew up with the moomins and it’s perfect! I’m going to attempt to make all 4 moomins before the end of the month! Eek! I’m fairly new at this crocheting malarky, but I’m hooked! Haha, get it? (Groan)

    Anyhoo, thanks for the pattern 😀

  27. Thank you soooo much! I’ve already made two with the original pattern for friends, everyone seems to love Moomins. I’m loving Moominpappa’s hat too 😉

  28. Ivy

    woohoo dear lady i could kiss ya lol 😉 not really but you know what i mean..
    I loved the moomins and wanted so much to create one. and now i can hehehe
    (doing the happy dance)..Yes i am i little nutty but hey these dayd you have to be eh?
    thank you so so much ♥

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