Sadie’s Shoes

All my friends are having babies! These awesome tiny, almost edible Mary Jane shoes come from a pattern by Monpetitviolon on Etsy. I’ve bought a few patterns from her including a top that I crocheted to match the shoes (this is Monpetitviolon’s photo – I forgot to photograph mine, but it looks the same).

Click to visit the pattern

I used:

Sublime Soya Cotton DK 088 Pomegranate

Sublime Soya Cotton DK 083 Cinnamon

Rowan Luxury Cotton DK 257 Char

I love these yarns, in particular the Sublime Soyas (which are now discontinued, grr) as they have great stitch definition so you can see all the effort you put into your work. They’re good for amigurumi too as they stiffen up when crocheted tightly, making them good for sculpting.


About samigurumi

My crochet blog is a place where I can keep tabs on my projects and show the things I've made to people who actually are interested, so that I'm not tempted to whip out my phone and bore my friends silly with pictures of half-finished hats which is only half-finished because I've run out of the special organic DK yarn in shade blah blah and lot number yawn. I'll also be sharing some of my patterns for free. Ah, free, my favourite of all the prices.

4 responses to “Sadie’s Shoes

  1. Russell Farr-Jones

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Such lovely colours and so adorable! I’ll be checking out Monpetitviolon’s store.

  2. Tracy Anderson

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful work; I’m going to have to check out Monpetitviolon!

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