Woolly the Spider crochet pattern

Make your very own Woolly the Spider style toy from the popular children’s tv show Woolly and Tig!

Official toys from the show won’t be available until later in the year, so last Christmas I was asked if I could make one for my cousin’s daughter and I happily obliged. It took quite a few weeks and a lot of unraveling, but finally I designed a pattern that I’m happy with and by all accounts a lot of children are happy with too! I posted pictures on Facebook and the requests are rolling in! I might have to make one for myself, as it really hurts to give him away, he’s so cute and huggable!

He’ll even free stand on all-eights unsupported – no wires, just stuffing.
The height is approx. 17cm head-to-toe when standing, body diameter approx. 15cm.
I’ve listed all the yarns I used in the pattern.

The pattern is illustrated with photos and is suitable for intermediate crocheters. I’ll be happy to help with any questions you might have.

You can buy a digital copy (PDF) from Etsy and I will email it to you once I receive a notification by Etsy – which is usually quite quickly as I’m never far from my iPad. Or you can buy a printed copy from eBay and I will post it to you within a couple of days. For all eBay purchases I will donate 15% of the proceeds to Sense, the deaf-blind charity.



“I just wanted to let you know that I finished Woolly and I am really pleased with the way it turned out. The pattern was great and easy to follow. I hope my niece will be as pleased with Woolly as I am.” – Katie Y

“Thank you for the pattern… I can’t wait to give him to my daughter!” – Laura S


About samigurumi

My crochet blog is a place where I can keep tabs on my projects and show the things I've made to people who actually are interested, so that I'm not tempted to whip out my phone and bore my friends silly with pictures of half-finished hats which is only half-finished because I've run out of the special organic DK yarn in shade blah blah and lot number yawn. I'll also be sharing some of my patterns for free. Ah, free, my favourite of all the prices.

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