‘(W)oolong’ crocheted Lunartik Mini Tea

By day I’m a graphic designer so I’m supposed to be into vinyl art toys. Except I’m not. Except for these. A civilization into tea drinking? Ticks my box. There are some incredible customised figures which inspired me to start crocheting a full sized Lunartik (back of shot) about a year ago (!) but am getting nowhere fast (as they’re quite angular it’s really tough when you’re working with yarn and stuffing for them not to bulge out of shape), so in my determination get one of these finished I made a Mini Tea (W)oolong variety yesterday.


Hot water bottle cape – free crochet pattern

Stresses of modern day life stopping you sleeping? Keep forgetting to drop a 50p in the meter? Electric blanket phobia? Partner winning the duvet war?

Get yourself a hot water bottle and ascend the wooden hill to noddington all agog with the notion of a cozy night’s kip! Oh no, wait! It doesn’t have a cover – you’re going to get third degree burns! Save yourself with this free crochet pattern.

This hot water bottle cape is really easy to make and wouldn’t look out of place in a Hogwarts dorm.
The most complicated stitches are the front-post and back-post treble crochet, which in fact, aren’t all that complicated. If you haven’t done them before, find a video on youtube and you’re set. These stitches make a ribbing effect which is thick enough to put some distance between the hot bottle and your body, but thin enough to let the warmth through and gives some stretch for a snug fit.

I used chunky yarn with a 5mm hook (so there’s no holes to expose the hot bottle).

Patons Art in 025 Licorice

You can easily remove the hot water bottle – it’s all secured with just one button. Neat.

If you can’t be bothered to buy a hot water bottle or indeed make a cover for it (what are your eyes doing down here?) then I can heartily recommend the 10 second hairdryer-under-the-duvet option before cocooning yourself.

As always, if you have any questions, just leave me a comment. If you make one of these, I’d love to see it, so please send me a photo!

Amigurumi Bender


My boyfriend’s two year old niece is obsessed with Futurama and insists on cuddling a hard plastic Bender figurine at bedtime, so I thought a cuddly version that’s not going to leave an imprint on her face every morning would make for a good Christmas present.

The original pattern is from Stitch but I’ve amended it a little. I hope the little ‘un likes it. If not, she can bite my shiny metal… 😉

Crocheted Christmas Robin


We all love a cute bird at Christmas

Ah robins, the gardner’s friend and the most Christmassy bird of all (after the partridge, turkey, 7 swans-a-swimming, 6 geese-a-laying, 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, The Famous Grouse and Her Majesty).

I’m making a flock of these to perch in my tree this year thanks to the free pattern at Yellow, Pink & Sparkly, skew-wiffing it slightly so that each little fella has a character of his own. Rock on.

Sadie’s Shoes

All my friends are having babies! These awesome tiny, almost edible Mary Jane shoes come from a pattern by Monpetitviolon on Etsy. I’ve bought a few patterns from her including a top that I crocheted to match the shoes (this is Monpetitviolon’s photo – I forgot to photograph mine, but it looks the same).

Click to visit the pattern

I used:

Sublime Soya Cotton DK 088 Pomegranate

Sublime Soya Cotton DK 083 Cinnamon

Rowan Luxury Cotton DK 257 Char

I love these yarns, in particular the Sublime Soyas (which are now discontinued, grr) as they have great stitch definition so you can see all the effort you put into your work. They’re good for amigurumi too as they stiffen up when crocheted tightly, making them good for sculpting.

Crocheted Hellboy

My other half is really keen on the Hellboy comic and films, and I thought it’d be kinda funny to crochet a Hellboy as a birthday gift. I’d seen a knitted one that looked great, but I’m a hooker not a knitter and couldn’t find a crochet pattern so I freestyled this guy. He’s rather cuddly and stands at around 15in tall. And he’s great mates with Sackboy, ‘natch.

Amigurumi Moomintroll – FREE PATTERN woo yeah, free!

17th March 2013 – I have improved and simplified this pattern, please use the download link to get the latest version (v3).

Here you can see photos from this pattern and also the original pattern.

Being half Finnish, my ancestry demands that I adore sauna, sausages, vodka, silver birch trees, driving, herring (I don’t), Santa Claus (who doesn’t?) and the biologically unfathomable Moomins. I’m a big fan of Tove Jansson’s stories and illustrations, so this is my tribute to her.

If you have downloaded this pattern before, please download it again as I have significantly improved and simplified it. The original pattern was my very first attempt at writing a pattern and it did have a few errors in it – oops, you learn. And, it’s still free – my favourite price. Feel free to share or link to this pattern, but please don’t alter it or remove any credits.

I would LOVE to see your finished Moomins. I’ve already seen quite a few and they’re pretty amazing.

These photos are from the current pattern:

These photos are from the original pattern:

Revised pattern uploaded 17/03/13

With kind thanks to the talented Claire, the free Moomin crochet pattern has been translated into French and is available to download on her blog.

Crocheted Buttoned Slippers

Garnstudio have tonnes of free patterns for things that are useful (so no jackets for grapes) and you actually enjoy wearing. I made these slippers from this pattern and I loves ’em.

Made with:
Rowan Purelife Organic Wool DK in 608 Logwood

Sirdar Bonus DK in Stormcloud

And a giant wooden button inherited from my Grandmother’s impressive collection.

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