Moomin pattern in French / en Français

With kind thanks to the talented Claire, the free Moomin crochet pattern has been translated into French and is available to download on her blog.


Free Moomin pattern – new improved recipe!

This new Moomin amigurumi crochet pattern is much simpler, but just as brilliant – and still free!
Additions include accessories for you to make for Moominmama and Moominpappa.

Take me to the pattern

Your Moomins

I LOVE seeing your finished Moomins from my pattern – please do send me a photo and I’ll stick it in the gallery… Here are just a few and if you follow the link to, there are even more!

And here are loads more on!

Woolly the Spider crochet pattern

Make your very own Woolly the Spider style toy from the popular children’s tv show Woolly and Tig!

Official toys from the show won’t be available until later in the year, so last Christmas I was asked if I could make one for my cousin’s daughter and I happily obliged. It took quite a few weeks and a lot of unraveling, but finally I designed a pattern that I’m happy with and by all accounts a lot of children are happy with too! I posted pictures on Facebook and the requests are rolling in! I might have to make one for myself, as it really hurts to give him away, he’s so cute and huggable!

He’ll even free stand on all-eights unsupported – no wires, just stuffing.
The height is approx. 17cm head-to-toe when standing, body diameter approx. 15cm.
I’ve listed all the yarns I used in the pattern.

The pattern is illustrated with photos and is suitable for intermediate crocheters. I’ll be happy to help with any questions you might have.

You can buy a digital copy (PDF) from Etsy and I will email it to you once I receive a notification by Etsy – which is usually quite quickly as I’m never far from my iPad. Or you can buy a printed copy from eBay and I will post it to you within a couple of days. For all eBay purchases I will donate 15% of the proceeds to Sense, the deaf-blind charity.



“I just wanted to let you know that I finished Woolly and I am really pleased with the way it turned out. The pattern was great and easy to follow. I hope my niece will be as pleased with Woolly as I am.” – Katie Y

“Thank you for the pattern… I can’t wait to give him to my daughter!” – Laura S

Woolly the Spider


I just finished making Woolly the spider from cbeebies Woolly & Tig for my cousin’s daughter and I DON’T WANT TO GIVE HIM AWAY!

Pattern available here soon…

Jake the Dog free amigurumi pattern

Adventure Time’s Jake the Dog is everyone’s favourite (but mostly Finn’s) magical canine companion. Make your own cuddly, posable yellow doggy bro’ right here with this truly mathematical free pattern…

“I’m not cute. I’ll mess you up.”

Pipecleaner skeleton for shape-shifting



Don’t forget to send me photos of your Jakes!



I’m normally quite headstrong when it comes to advertising gimmicks but I’ve fallen for the anti-depressant Zingy in a big way, he has excellent music taste and any ad company who parodies ‘The Big Lebowski’ gets a thumbs up from me.

Scroll down to download my free (FREEEEEEE!) pattern and make your own to start hanging out with and listening to the Human League.

You only need <50g DK yarn with a 2.75mm (2.5mm or 3mm will do) hook.
You’ll also need: some white felt, a couple of small black buttons, glue, needle and black/clear thread for the eyes; some black yarn and yarn needle for the nose; and some toy stuffing.


Please send me photos of your finished Zingy, I love to see them.

Hot water bottle cape – free crochet pattern

Stresses of modern day life stopping you sleeping? Keep forgetting to drop a 50p in the meter? Electric blanket phobia? Partner winning the duvet war?

Get yourself a hot water bottle and ascend the wooden hill to noddington all agog with the notion of a cozy night’s kip! Oh no, wait! It doesn’t have a cover – you’re going to get third degree burns! Save yourself with this free crochet pattern.

This hot water bottle cape is really easy to make and wouldn’t look out of place in a Hogwarts dorm.
The most complicated stitches are the front-post and back-post treble crochet, which in fact, aren’t all that complicated. If you haven’t done them before, find a video on youtube and you’re set. These stitches make a ribbing effect which is thick enough to put some distance between the hot bottle and your body, but thin enough to let the warmth through and gives some stretch for a snug fit.

I used chunky yarn with a 5mm hook (so there’s no holes to expose the hot bottle).

Patons Art in 025 Licorice

You can easily remove the hot water bottle – it’s all secured with just one button. Neat.

If you can’t be bothered to buy a hot water bottle or indeed make a cover for it (what are your eyes doing down here?) then I can heartily recommend the 10 second hairdryer-under-the-duvet option before cocooning yourself.

As always, if you have any questions, just leave me a comment. If you make one of these, I’d love to see it, so please send me a photo!

Crocheted Christmas Robin


We all love a cute bird at Christmas

Ah robins, the gardner’s friend and the most Christmassy bird of all (after the partridge, turkey, 7 swans-a-swimming, 6 geese-a-laying, 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, The Famous Grouse and Her Majesty).

I’m making a flock of these to perch in my tree this year thanks to the free pattern at Yellow, Pink & Sparkly, skew-wiffing it slightly so that each little fella has a character of his own. Rock on.

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